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We compassionately coach parents in teaching their children to sleep well in the night, take good naps and to be on a healthy routine for their age. 

We firmly believe that sleep is not only a biological need, but a key ingredient to health and happiness. 


Who we are

 I am Lavinia, the founder of Our Little Chicks Sleep Solutions. I'm a blessed mum of 2 healthy boys. And I know what it’s like to be a sleep-deprived parent with a baby who doesn’t sleep well. This started my husband’s and my journey into fixing this, and getting our family the sleep we all so very much needed. 

I am now a Certified Child Sleep Consultant trained in the Sleep Sense Program, helping parents teach their little ones how to sleep well.


Why Us?

Our children are all unique and often the books out there do not cater  to every child's needs or nature.  Also books never guide you as to what to do every step of the way, and they do not hold your hand through the entire process, giving support and ensuring success. They don’t address the “what do I do if this happens or that happens” questions as they just give you a broad set of steps to follow and there is no personalised guidance. 

I will prepare and customise the plan specifically for your child, after getting the required information about him/her, and then give continuing guidance and support over two weeks, troubleshooting where necessary, to ensure success.


I will also give you valuable tips as to how to navigate future sleep challenges, to make sure your child remains an Awesome Sleeper!

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