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Written by Lavinia
Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant
13 December 2020

Tips To Improve to Improve Your Child's Sleep

1. Keep it Cool

Overprotectiveness towards one's newborn is understandable, and it's only natural to want to make sure your baby is warm and cosy at sleep time.

Infants, like adults, tend to sleep the best when they are warm and snuggly in a cool room. The easiest approach to keep your baby comfortable all night long is to put him or her to bed in a onesie, with a sleep sack (or swaddle for newborns who haven't rolled over yet) on top and keep the room cool.

2. The Darker, the Better

Sunlight is Mother's Nature's cue to our brains that it is daytime and not yet time to sleep. Since melatonin is produced in response to darkness, you should begin dimming the lights an hour before bedtime.

Getting good blackout curtains would be extremely useful, and I am confident that you will never regret that investment.

3. Remove unnecessary stimulation

The crib should a boring place meant just for sleep. Although the sight of a beautiful mobile suspended above your baby's crib may appear calming to you and me, it might actually be quite stimulating for your child. So they are not conducive for sleep. Keep the room as uninteresting as possible if you want your baby to sleep well. 

4. Have a predictable bedtime routine

All babies can benefit from establishing a regular bedtime routine that includes the same set of activities night after night. They will begin to mentally prepare for sleep as soon as their bodies and minds begin to identify the cues that indicate an impending bedtime. That way, by the time you kiss them goodnight, their bodies will have begun the processes necessary to get into  a deep, rejuvenating sleep, including a decrease in their resting metabolic rate, the increase in melatonin production, and the relaxation of their skeletal muscles.

Getting your child to sleep well won't happen overnight. But these are some tips to help you and your little one get a few more hours of rest from tonight. It takes some time, a lot of repetition and consistency, and plenty of discipline on the part of the parents, but it is worth it.

Article written by Lavinia
Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant
Based in Singapore
Trained in the Sleep Sense Program

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