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Lavinia has absolutely changed our lives!

Lavinia has absolutely changed our lives! The customised sleep plan she developed, the sleep training methods she taught us and her warm encouragement throughout the two weeks of the program really helped us teach our son to be an great independent sleeper. Before we started the program he would only sleep if he was nursed or if he had a pacifier, and would wake several times at night. Now, he sleeps through the night and is doing really well at his two daily naps, giving us back our sanity, sleep and time. Lavinia was also very responsive throughout the Program, helping us to deal with challenges in real time and also providing a rationale behind her recommendations so we could grasp the concepts behind infant sleep science. Engaging her to help us with our baby's sleep was a fantastic investment and I recommend her without reservation to any parent wanting to improve their child's sleep.

- Sophia, Jared and Master Nicholas (7.5 months)

We were blessed to have Adeline as our sleep consultant!

Adeline explained in details about sleep training and that a baby who sleeps independently without caregiver having to pat, soothe, or dreamfeed, is and feels equally loved and develops as well as a baby who isn’t sleep trained.

Adeline is highly articulate and clear in her instructions and advice. She went beyond her scope to provide us with practical ideas and tips to assist us throughout the sleep training journey. We would not have successfully sleep trained our baby without her encouragement and perseverance!

We went from having to pat, carry to sleep, dream feed, using pacifier to our baby sleeping independently at 3 months old.

It was an amazing journey with Adeline and we highly recommend her for her attention to details and giving tips and support throughout our sleep training journey. This is one of my best experience and decision made as a mum 😉

- Cheryl, Matthew and Master Matthias (3 months)


宝宝从满月后哄睡困难、频繁夜醒,一直处于崩溃状态,在小红书上搜寻了各种哄睡方法,然而实践起来效果并不明显,且自己很难分辨哪些是正确的,从那时开始关注到有睡训老师,在小红书上关注了一些老师的课程后,看到Adeline老师的分享,感觉到她很专业,于是立马购买睡训课。开始先做了一次面谈,Adeline非常专业且耐心的对我的疑惑进行了解答,虽然是线上的睡训,但是从睡训前的准备工作开始Adeline给了非常详细的指导,第一晚就从晚上8点左右入睡就睡到了早上6点,我也没有想到会进步这么大,宝宝终于不再频繁夜醒了!后面按照老师的方法,每天记录宝宝的吃和睡,每天Adeline都会针对宝宝情况进行建议,并且询问当天宝宝的情况,根据宝宝不同的情况进行指导,并且在此期间Adeline会不断的鼓励我,让我不再那么焦虑,这点非常感动!非常感谢这段时间Adeline 的帮助!

- 思宁与小开心 3月龄

My baby is finally sleeping through the night!

Ever since my baby turned 1 month old, it’s been very hard to put her to bed. We also experienced a lot of night wakings, resulting in terrible sleep for my husband and I. I did my research and applied what I learnt online but the efficacy was questionable. It was also tough for me to ascertain the truth behind the plethora of information available online. I came across Adeline’s sharing on the Little Red Book app and found her to be very professional. During our discovery call, Adeline displayed professionalism and patience in answering my questions.

Even though the sleep training was conducted virtually, but right from the preparation before sleep training, Adeline provided very detailed guidance. On the first night of sleep training, my baby slept from 8pm till 6am! I didn’t expect such a vast improvement! My baby is finally sleeping through the night! Subsequently, I continued to log my baby’s feeds and sleep in the app and Adeline guided and provided troubleshooting where needed according to how baby’s sleep went on a daily basis. Throughout this entire period, Adeline was very encouraging, and this helped to ease a lot of anxiety in me.

Thank you so much for your help Adeline!

(Translated from Mandarin)

- Sining and Little Miss Kaixin 3 months

Our baby is so much happier!

My 6.5 month old is like a different baby now that she's getting sleep!! She is so much happier and we can actually put her down now (and even leave the room!) so we are much happier too. In one week, she went from nursing every hour through the night to going 12 hours without needing a feed. We've also gone from 100% carrier naps (as we could not put her down) to long naps in the cot. Thank you, Lavinia, we would not have been able to achieve this without your reassuring confidence! I would recommend you to anyone!

- Lisa, Vikram and little Miss Anya (6.5 months)

Engaging the help of Lavinia was life-changing

Engaging the help of Lavinia was life changing. Prior to this, I was rocking, singing, patting and holding my baby to sleep. I couldn't even put him down because he would wake up and start wailing.

I did read many books and online articles, trying to start a routine with my baby but it always ended up with me and my husband struggling for hours, sometimes even till midnight, to put our baby to bed.

Lavinia was not the first sleep consultant I spoke to, but I knew I had to engage her help when she spent time asking me questions about me AND my baby, his sleeping/ feeding patterns, how my family's lifestyle was like. etc. She was also very confident that she could help my baby become a better sleeper.

I saw results within 2 nights. Now, I have my nights back, being able to watch TV and have dinner with my husband every day. We even take turns to go out to hang out with our friends! I also have more hours of and much better sleep now, even with having to get up in the middle of the night to pump.

Thank you so much Lavinia. I'm so thankful I found you and would certainly recommend you to anyone.

- Winnie, Clement and Master Coen (3 months)

Lavinia is a sleep fairy

Lavinia is a sleep fairy! She's kind, patient and assuring, and she helps babies get the sleep they need! She helped our 2 months old baby sleep through the night (7pm-7am) and that's the best gift ever. Our baby is turning 4 months and we are working on the naps (which are harder to get). She took time to explain to us how sleep training works and equipped us with useful info and tools so we can continue the plan confidently as our child grows. We are ever grateful for her help and we are so happy we 'graduated' from our little chicks!

- Estee, Juren and little Miss Nari (8 weeks)

I cannot recommend Lavinia enough!

I cannot recommend Lavinia enough! I started the sleep training journey after accepting the fact that my daughter was getting sleep-deprived and needed help... I dreaded having to leave her to cry, feared she would get traumatised in some way.

Fast forward 2 weeks and she was sleeping at least 2 hours more per day than she slept at the beginning of the training.

She now sleeps 12 hours straight during the night, falls asleep by herself for all naps and has never been more energetic, happy or livelier.

I fully understand all doubts and fears but trust Lavinia and you will see results and have a well-rested baby and family as well.

Thank you.

- Marta and little Miss Ines (5.5 months)

Thanks to the Sleep Sense Program and Lavinia!

I am happy to say that the program has helped my son and family a lot.

Lavinia personalized the plan for me, especially for the daytime naps, for example, providing him with a little bit of help in the first few days and then transitioning to the strict plan. I think that helped me immensely in keeping my sanity and sticking to the plan. I believe this kind of personalization is really'really'important. ''We can plan our day and evenings much better, our baby is less cranky during his awake times and most importantly I feel happy that he is getting the amount and quality of sleep a baby of his age needs.

Thanks to the Sleep Sense Program and Ms Lavinia Rajah.

- Farah, Adam and Master Z (3.5 months old)

It took us 2 days from waking every hour to be sleeping for 10 hours straight!

We are so glad to have engaged Lavinia in the sleep training. It took us two days from waking up every hour to sleeping for 10 hours straight!

Lavinia's understanding of the Asian family context and work hours allows her to device a plan that is suitable for our situation. We won't be able to sail through without her support in these 2 weeks.

Thanks Lavinia for all your help!

- Joanna, Samuel and Master Luke (16 months)

I can't thank you enough!

I just wanted to drop a note to say how valuable Greg and I have found your help and support. I am shocked that it was really so easy to get Mack sleeping through the night and napping as well. I wish we had met you sooner! You were so supportive and thoughtful with your solutions. I felt as though you really understood our family and Mack's needs and I can't thank you enough!

- Lauren, Greg and Master Mack (11 months old)

We could not have asked for a better sleep consultant!

I highly recommend Lavinia Rajah. We (i.e. my wife) was extremely apprehensive about sleep training. But with Lavinia's very detailed and structured approach and plan, we are so happy to report that our 7 month year old son is (a) falling asleep without assistance, (b) sleeping 10 to 11 hours through the night and (c) has never been happier and more alert. Both his appetite and skin condition have also improved.

We could not have done this without Lav and are very grateful for all her support and counsel. We could not have asked for a better sleep consultant. Thank you!

- Po Yew, Emerald and Master Damien (6 months)

Our baby is now sleeping well and feeding a lot better!

Lavinia was recommended by a good friend and a neighbour.

Before my boy turned four weeks (corrected age), he was catnapping and crying a lot. We googled and tried a few methods including an online programme but those did not help him with his sleep. Ended up he was overtired and was not feeding the amount that he should. We were at my wits end getting the baby to sleep well.

I recalled that I was crying while on the phone with Lavinia, but Lavinia was so empathetic and assuring right from the first consultation. I felt so relieved after the call with her and we did not take long to engage her service. The first four nights after we started on the sleep plan, my boy had already clocked eight to ten hours of night sleep. By the 10th day of the consultation, he is sleeping through the night, 11-12 hours a stretch. Although naps are still a work in progress, my boy's naps have improved so much. Before the sleep plan, he was only sleeping 30-45min at most, now most of his naps are minimum an hour and sometimes 90min. Due to that he is sleeping well, he is feeding a lot better (almost 750ml for daytime feed) at six weeks. Throughout the two weeks of consultation, Lavinia was always there to encourage us and prompt in replying to our questions.

With our baby sleeping this well, my husband and I get to sleep longer and have our time together in the evenings.

Thank you so much Lavinia

- April, Wen Wei and Master Wyatt (4 weeks)

It worked from the second night!

It worked from the second night!

We are really glad we made the decision to engage Lavinia. Lavinia was knowledgeable, patient, very encouraging and supported us in every step of this sleep training programme. Her methods are safe, and very workable! We highly recommend Lavinia and her sleep training programme.

Thank you so much for you help!

- Robertson, Joanne and little Miss Holiday (4.5 months)

Best decision we ever made!

My daughter had gone from sleeping through the night to waking every 1-2hrs and only going to sleep whilst being nursed, we decided to get help and contacted Lavinia and I'm so glad we did! Just wish we hadn't waited so long! Within 2 days my daughter was sleeping through the night and putting herself to sleep without being fed for every bed time and every nap! Lavinia really is a miracle worker and the bespoke sleeping plan/routine she drew up for us really worked. I can not recommend our little chicks sleep solutions strongly enough to anyone who wants to get their children sleeping! We finally have our nights back to ourselves and I feel like a different person, best decision we have made!

- Kay, Tom and little Miss Ottilie (6 months)

Lavinia was the consultant, coach and cheerleader we needed!

We highly recommend Lavinia!

Our baby girl was having mediocre sleep - waking up 2-4 times a night and needing anywhere 10-60min to be put back to bed. It was extremely frustrating.

We found the concept of sleep training uncomplicated, but it was difficult to implement by ourselves - there's too much well-intended opinions flying around, and it was difficult to commit to a plan without some level of guidance or accountability. Lavinia was the consultant, coach and cheerleader we needed to turn the situation around.

Naptimes were particularly challenging, but Lavinia helped us grasp the basic concepts of scheduling and adapting to our baby's sleep patterns.

Our baby girl slept through the night from the second night, and other than one or two rougher nights in between, she has slept through every. single. night.

There are some things money can't buy, but this small investment is already paying off! All of us are now more rested and happier, giving us more time and energy to truly be and spend time with one another.

- Andrew, Stephanie and little Miss Jemma (5 months)

I highly recommend Lavinia!

If you are looking for someone who is kind, compassionate and so ready to provide support with helping you train your little bub to sleep well, I highly recommend Lavinia. Check out Our Little Chicks. Without any hyperbole, Lavinia has literally saved my life. And she did it without causing little Lucas pain and suffering, as one often imagines sleep training to be.

- Jolene, Thomas and Master Lucas (10.5 months old)

My baby is sleeping so well, thanks to Lavinia!

I enlisted Lavinia's help after hearing great reviews about what she does. I was going through a difficult time, managing work, baby and the nights, while trying to spend time with my older 2 kids. Lavinia assured me that my baby's sleep issues could be resolved. She customised a schedule based on baby's current patterns and proposed a plan. From the moment I executed the plan, she was there every step of the way, troubleshooting if I faced any obstacle. I saw results within a 2 days and now, he is sleeping so well thanks to Lavinia! I'm much more well rested now. And most importantly, my baby is sleeping better and is happier!

- Arita, Suthesh and Master Divyan (4 months)

Her compassionate but structured approach really helped our family

I engaged Lavinia when my youngest daughter was three years old. Having co-slept with all three of my children, I was a bit hesitant to sleep train, but Lavinia soon put my mind at ease. She was patient, flexible and accommodating and very clear and structured in her advice. She even made a little book for Avana to read before bed. She accepted my decision to still want to co-sleep in the same room, and really helped me with my primary problem which was to get Avana off breastfeeding to sleep and waking up a million times a night. It was definitely challenging but Lavinia was a rock throughout, checking up on me every day and trouble shooting when necessary. Avana is sleeping well now! and so am I. I would highly recommend Our Little Chicks Sleep Solutions if your little ones are having issues. Her compassionate but structured approach really helped our family.

- Tara, Paul and little Miss Avana (3 years old)

The ideal sleep consultant

Lavinia is very professional and clear. She is also very personable, 'compassionate and understanding. The ideal sleep consultant anyone would like for their baby. She is very supportive and encouraging. It is clear she understands first-hand what parents go through when their baby sleeps poorly. She is not calculating 'and goes above and beyond the call of duty when dealing with any issues. My little one's sleep issues are now completely resolved. He is sleeping 12-13.5h straight every night and 'has on average two 2h naps a day. Sometimes he naps even longer and I have to 'wake him up! All this with no crying. No one is suffering from lack of sleep anymore, everyone is happy. I have time to exercise, nap, read etc during the day. I think my husband and I are the 2 most well-rested parents of a newborn ever!

- Lalitha,Mark and Master Jax (3 months old)

Engaging Lavinia's service was one of the best decisions!

Engaging Lavinia's service was one of our best decisions! There are lots of sleep training resources out there which can be confusing, but Lavinia's guidance made implementation easy. She also taught us how to schedule naps and bedtime over the two weeks. Our baby has made amazing progress and is now an independent sleeper! Our sleep training journey would not be so successful without her.

- Michelle, Li Qian and Master Zi Le (5 months)

Engaging Lavinia to sleep train our twin boys has been one of the best decisions ever!

We decided to engage Lavinia to sleep train our twin boys and it has been one of the best decision ever. She was very patient, supportive and encouraging throughout our entire journey with her.

Her customised sleep plan was simple to implement and looks at the overall wellbeing of the babies. Our boys can now sleep independently, take longer naps and are able to put themselves back to sleep. Furthermore, they are also feeding much better and are also much happier when they wake up

- Wei Ling, Robin, Master Jian Yuan and Master Jian Hao (4 months)

It was like having a sleep angel watching over our family

Engaging Lavinia was the best decision my husband and I made for our family. We knew she was 'the one' the moment we had our initial consult with her on the phone. She was the only sleep consultant that took the time to ask us about our son (13weeks) and his sleep habits, and understand our situation and motivations for starting the sleep coaching. Her empathy and compassion moved us and we were confident that if we followed her plan, we would see an improvement in our baby's sleep.

She customized a plan that was clear and very workable for our family, and her instructions, guidelines and principles were sound. Throughout our time together, she was very involved and prompt, working with us to tweak our son's naptime and bedtime schedule. It was like having a sleep angel watching over our family. Lavinia also gave us space as the days went by, allowing us to be independent while being responsive when we asked questions.

We were cognizant that there would be highs and lows during sleep training, but we were ecstatic to see results almost immediately (2 days after sleep training started)! Our son, who could barely take naps beyond 20mins and required lots of rocking, walking, bouncing in order to sleep, slept independently by day 2 of sleep training, for more than 45mins! By the end of our sleep training, our son had the ability to sleep through the night, even though this had not been our primary goal.

We also liked that Lavinia provided strategies for the future ' when sleep regression and illness hit, when naps are reduced from 3 to 2 to 1, when we travel etc' She not only solves your current problem, but future proofs your baby's sleep!

We are grateful that we can say goodbye to missed or late meals, standing carrier naps, frustration and tears, an overtired baby, and being exhausted and weary parents. We now have a more rested baby (longer naps), are more confident and relaxed parents, and definitely have more me-time.

Thank you Lavinia for sharing your wisdom, for being so encouraging, and making such a great improvement to ours and Toby's sleep!

- Michelle, Zhi Guang and Master Toby (3 months)

Our baby is now able to sleep independently and take great naps

Lavinia was responsive and reassuring throughout our 2 week program. It was great to have her around to troubleshoot and make adjustments to our baby's schedule as the day went on. Our baby is now able to sleep independently and takes two great naps everyday. Thanks, Lavinia!

- Chengying, Chris and little Miss Estelle (8 months)

You are our sleep savior, Lavinia!

We just want to say how grateful we are to have found Lavinia. We couldn't have done it without her. Our baby used to be carried, rocked and patted by the nanny. Over the night, our nanny visited her cot up to 20 times a night not to mention a couple of night feedings. Her naps were quite poor as well, and she slept only 30-45 minutes each nap. Then Lavinia came and altered her schedule. Now she is able to sleep on her own and through the night. Zero visits to her cot, no more night feeding and her nap time is 1.5 to 2 hours for each nap. Lavinia has always been really supportive and positive to help us go through the sleep training process. We highly recommend her!

- Vitrie, Daniel and little Miss Clarice (4 months old)

One of the best investments for our family!

As first time parents, we had little to no idea about how important the balance of awake time and nap time would be for a little baby. I was filled with anxiety when my nanny left, not know if I could handle a baby all day with no help. Our baby was also used to being carried and rocked to sleep by the nanny, and also given a pacifier whenever he woke in the middle of a nap or night sleep. This meant A LOT of work, and time wasted. When we received Lavinia's customized routine for our then 15 week old baby, it seemed too idealistic. No way our baby will fall into such a predictable and manageable routine, AND going to sleep without any of the props or being carried. However, we were totally convinced by the end of just a few days that it works. It is possible to get a baby to sleep independently and with consistency, it is possible for baby to eventually fall into a predictable routine throughout the day. By the end of the 2 weeks with Lavinia's constant guidance and encouragement, we have gained so much confidence and life became very manageable. This has been one of the best investments for both baby and parents!

- June, Keat and Master Joey (3.5 months old)

Our family now has a much better sleep!

We were very apprehensive at first about sleep training our son, but I badly wanted to reclaim my nights, my sleep, and most of all my sanity. We decided to engage Lavinia after some research and we saw results from the second night, and even the naps started improving from the third day! It was not an easy journey but with Lavinia's encouragement and support, our family now has much better sleep. From customising the sleep plan and tweaking it to better suit us, coaching us throughout, and being available whenever we had questions, having Lavinia as part of our journey definitely made things a lot easier and smoother.

Thank you so much for your help!

- Kay Lii, Kenneth and Master Matthias (5 months)

Thank you for making parenthood easier for us

We'really recommend Lavinia as she has helped us tackle our child's sleep problem. She was patient, kind, polite and professional in guiding us. We were a bit skeptical if this program will work but we saw instant results and it changed our mindset 180 degrees. If we had known about this, we would have done it earlier to regain our sanity. Sleep to us is priority and vital for our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Thank you for making parenthood much easier for us.

- Nur Ainisah, Aniq and Little Miss Husna (6.5 months)

We couldn't imagine K sleeping through the night but he did!

When our son turned 4 months, he started waking every 1-2 hours. He was nursed to sleep and you can imagine how tough it was to wake almost every hour to put him back to sleep. We knew it was time to hire a sleep consultant. Lavinia's sleep plan was very detailed. 'She was understanding , responsive and addressed our concerns. I couldn't imagine K sleeping through the night but he did! We are very impressed that he can put himself to sleep now. Our lives are changed for the better and we are so thankful for Lavinia.

- Michelle, Ravin and Master K (5 months)

A sleep consultant who really cares

Lavinia was warm, supportive, and also talked us through some of the bugbears we faced in sleep training our twins. With her help and guidance, our twins have been more or less sleeping very well. She even made the effort to schedule early morning calls with us for us to consult her. If you are looking for a sleep consultant who really cares about what she does and about the good sleeping habits of your children, look no further!

- Taryn, Jack and Master Ralph and Little Miss Lauren (5.5 months)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lavinia has been of great support & encouragement through this sleep training journey. Sleep training my baby was tough, emotional & exhausting but Lavinia never left my side! She continued to provide me with endless support whenever I needed her guidance & advise. I stuck to the plan from Lavinia & I've seen remarkable results in my baby! He sleeps through the night & has even dropped his night feed.

Lavinia comes highly recommended for anyone looking to sleep train their baby!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lavinia!

- Parvin, Ravin and Master Keyann (4 months old)